So You Had a Bad Day?

This one will be quick, mostly because I feel like the image speaks for itself:

When things are going hard, it’s often easy to overlook the positives that surround you. Take a second to look at life in a different lens and realize that things might not be perfect, but they are exactly what you need. Positivity can be infectious, so I encourage you to pass it around once you’ve realized how it can improve your outlook.┬áSo if your glass is half empty, be happy there’s at least something to drink!

- The Chaser

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  1. Some people say that i’m way too positive and this can be a problem sometimes. But i ignore them and just have fun while they sulk and get depressed at every little bad thing.

    • I completely agree with you. I think some people mistake positivity for being oblivious. Choosing not to focus on the negative doesn’t mean you don’t know it exists. Stay positive and always be willing to pass it on!

  2. Lissette Andares

    I definitely agree with you on this !!

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