Music Monday: Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling

I came across this song while listening to Pandora and was thrown off until I realized it was a dubstep track. I think Lindsey’s combination of modern and classical music is a fresh approach to the EDM genre. I don’t think it’ll reach the mainstream, but I’d be interested in seeing what she can accomplish if she were to add vocals to her tracks.


Starting Your Personal Project

Since realizing that my previous search for inspiration was going no where, I’ve been trying to find ways to stay on my toes. Chasing Muses is one of those things, but sitting and typing could easily become a drag (especially when I’m already doing it for a living). These extra activities, or “personal projects” as I like to call them, are meant to a lifestyle change. The logic is simple – if something feels like it’s missing from your life, then make a few changes and see where it goes.  Eventually it’ll all together and you’ll find the missing piece.

The fun part is figuring out how to fit your project into everyday life. I recommend taking a step back and evaluating the minor/major changes you make to determine if they are having the impact you are looking for.  If things don’t particularly feel better, or if you don’t see yourself making any progress, then you might want to rethink your approach. This probably sounds like a long process, but you can break it down by setting up checkpoints. The checkpoints should allow enough time for your changes to take effect, but also be short enough to encourage frequent adjustment and avoid complacency. It’s also important to make these projects into a  habit, giving yourself enough time to make it second behavior.


A good example of one of my personal projects is my fitness routine. I started in January of this year with the simple goal of making it to the gym. It didn’t matter how much time I gave myself when I got there, I just had to make sure I made it at least 3-5 times a week. I followed this rule for two months and at the end of February, I made slight changes to my workout routine, added a little more structure, and started committing a set amount of time to different styles (i.e. cardio, weight training, core training, etc.). As the year progressed, I continued to adjust my approach and now, on my fifth rotation, I’m in the best shape of my life! Initially, I didn’t notice how many times I changed my routine, but I’m so accustomed to it that I welcome each new rotation.

My fitness routine is my first successful personal project, but I’ve developed a list of a few others that I plan on starting in the next few weeks. Personal projects don’t need to involve a huge lifestyle overhaul. They could also be short-term projects like painting a room, building your own piece of furniture, or traveling to a new place. Just make sure your personal project is something YOU want to do.

Below are a few quick steps to starting and establishing your own personal project:

1. Make A List and Rank Em’: Start off by listing the different changes you are looking to make. Once your list is done, rank each project by priority so you could start with what feels most important to you.

2. Establish Your Starting Line: Most new changes fail because people become ambitious and aim too high. Be reasonable and start small. Give yourself a simple goal to achieve and use it to test the waters.

3. Set Your Checkpoints: Now that you’ve determined the changes you’ll implement to start your project, determine a reasonable time frame to effectively evaluate your progress. I prefer using two months because it allows time to develop the habit, measure any changes, and determine how to readjust. Feel free to choose a time that feels most comfortable to you.

4. GET DEDICATED: If you’re looking to make a change, it’s important to stay committed. You can’t rely on your friends and family to check on you and track your progress. If you don’t achieve your goal, the only person you are failing is yourself. Don’t be your own disappointment!


Music Monday: Big Dipper – The Cataracs ft. Luciana

We all know how I feel about The Cataracs and their brand of music, which is why it comes to no surprise that it hurt when I found out the group split. Cyrano has decided to move forward using the same group name, and Big Dipper shows that his music hasn’t lost it’s swing. I’m looking forward to what comes next!

Music Monday – Boing Clash Boom – Dada Life

If you’re looking for crazy bass, look no further than Dada Life. I also recommend Happy Violence, Feed The Dada and So Young So High, but I think Boing Clash Boom perfectly represent their sound.


BONUS: Decided to include the Major Lazer remix that led me to  the original. Both are insane!

Music Monday: If I Lose Myself – OneRepublic

I’ve been sleeping on OneRepublic lately and I’m here to make sure you’re not missing out too. Although I don’t typically listen to these type of bands, I actually appreciate a lot of the music this group puts out. If I Lose Myself is one of my top choices from their latest album, Native, but I highly recommend a full listen through.

BONUS: I’m also a fan of the remix by Alesso. No need to thank me.